Strategic use of glass provides a clean, reflective interior and allows views to the natural surroundings.

Flying Roc - Two Brushes Corporate Office  Taipei, Taiwan

Unlike most urban high-rises the site's building is situated in a natural setting. The front facade faces the snaking emerald river and behind lie the misty, rolling hills. After talking with the owner, we understand that she wants to have a clear view of the general office area, and her intention of using glass as a major component as a building material in this project. This will be the company’s first move since its establishment in 1960.

"Flying Roc in the sky"- From a Chinese proverb
(In Chinese society eagles and rocs are symbols of strength, freedom, protection, and hope.)

Studio Functions designed an open, free-flowing floor plan with a 85 foot stainless steel dropped ceiling/ wing running through the managers’ and the general office areas. The ceiling/ wing drops and metamorphically transforms into a slanted, contemporary, asymmetrical form which also joins the display platform on the floor. The lowered ceiling design feature not only symbolizes the strength and physical form of the winged Roc, but also provides a visual connection that isn't found in typically fragmented office layouts.

The accessibility of the view of the green mountains reflect the hierarchy of the space layout. The varying degrees of transparency also determine the openness of each space. Managerial offices have angled glass facades which offer an unobstructed view into the office, and all have a view of the mountains.

President’s office offers more opacity and a slanted and tapered white glass facade with a metal overhang makes it more independent of other elements in this 5,300 sq. ft. space. Inside, this office also offers seating areas and views to the stock room next door.

The models on the platform are the entry area’s focus, is back dropped against the slanted stainless steel element. The conference room also serve as a visual display when meetings are in session. The glass panel doors allow the facade to open it up completely and visually and physically connects to the entry/ waiting area. On the wall opposite the conference room, the vivid shadows from the clothes hanging beyond show through as a architectural fabric.

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