We see Cubism as a pure contemporary idea, distinct from the classical decorative arts. In designing Cubist8 and Roller1, we are intrigued by the idea of self-imposed rules, and the departure from the organic form. This allows us to examine every detail of the object, and discover its functionality and meaning.

Cubist8 Book Shelf

From basic elements of functionality, this bookshelf was designed to accommodate the folders and ring-binders that were purchased before the idea of this piece was even conceived. The concept comes from the Cubist idea of grids and fragmentation. The design divides the available space into segments, and later into a three-module system to break away from the symmetrical base grid. Later the idea of making the grid interchangeable and reversible comes from the placement study (see slide #2). Instead of placing the modules in their "perfect" locations, it allows the owner to assemble their own "perfection." Now the image of the traditional stationary bookshelf is forever shattered.

Roller1 Storage Unit

The design of Roller1 comes from the storage tubes and the need for material organization. We allow our needs and purposes to shape the design of this unit. We extend the usage of white laminate to create a continuous look and help this lowered ceiling appear higher. The roller unit serves as a storage container for drawings and materials. Tubes are arranged vertically to conserve space and utilize as much of the lower wall space as possible. Most of the items behind the tubes are not visible or accessible unless the unit is rolled out. The contrasting black and white makes a bold statement of its simplicity and functionality.

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Cubism is a modern art movement in which forms are abstracted using an analytical approach to the object and painting the basic geometric solid of the subject. Cubism is a backlash to Impressionism in which there is an emphasis on light and color.