Garden Duplex  Highland Park

This property has three section of outdoor areas, lower studio patio, walk ways connecting the front entry to the back patio and the back patio with a steep hill.

The spacious back patio was not utilized, barren hills and fallen earth were just two of the problems we had to solve. We planted the hill with drought tolerant succulents and ground cover to stabilize the hillside from further erosion and created concrete planter boxes on the west side where small occasional landslide is not preventable. This also allowed us to add a patch of green to soften the concrete paving.

Parts of the connecting walk way is planted with Italian cypress tree for privacy screen from the property next door. A wood fencing is also constructed to further clean up the view with the house below. In the upper patio we added outdoor patio furniture which centers a fireplace which bring out the interior. In the lower patio picnic table is placed instead due to the small space available and twinkling string lights shines overhead.

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